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Covers for Heat pumps

Model R-001

Product information:

  • inside dimensions: (D x W x h-H): 590 x 920 x 70-180 mm
  • zinc and powder coated steel - can be coated in any RAL color
  • thickness - 1,00 mm
  • high quality
  • Advanced concept!
  • 3 steel pieces to be attached to each other
  • fixture included
  • flat-packed
  • barcode label
  • 50 pcs. / pallet (640x920x2550 mm) or per 0,59 m2, or per 1,50 m3


  • low stocking costs (50 pcs. / pallet)
  • product is easy to distribute - all houses are packed into single packing
  • easy to assemble/disassemble - simple construction
  • easy to paint/repaint
  • easy to mount/demount

    NOTE: Different dimensions of heat pumps may require different dimensions of covers. If You need bigger or smaller covers, please, contact us and we will help You.

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